About Roberta Giovannina

I began my career in the tourism industry over 25 years ago as employee of the Tourism Promotion Board of the Italian Riviera of the Flowers. After about 9 years of intense work I spent 15 years at Sanremo Promotion – the local DMC and Convention & Visitors Bureau – as General Manager. I then decided to work as an independent Event & Experience Designer, putting my extensive knowledge of the territory to good use.

Not just passion for my job, but also professional skills, and a deep knowledge of the tourism and meeting industry. I am a National licensed tourist guide and a Certified Meeting Professional.

Now I use my passion for my territory and many years of expertise, supported by a dedicated team, to design bespoke tours and unforgettable experiences for discerning travellers.


I’m a National licensed tourist guide and a creative Experience Designer specializing in the art of creating unique and inspiring tours and experiences. For clients who require an exclusive, experiential touring program, I offer bespoke itineraries. Designed primarily for your most valued top-tier clients and more experienced repeat travellers, these one-of-a-kind itineraries are tailor-made according to their specific interests and preferences, and may also include bespoke services such as VIP airport meet-and-greet assistance, luxury driver service, yacht rentals, access to private venues, customized food & wine tastings, and so forth. The itineraries and experiences I create focus on this corner of the Mediterranean and are based on our approach to the territory: the desire to share it with others as seasoned travellers rather than just as tourists.This part of the world is Italy’s best kept secret: rich in history, traditions, lifestyle, and … Excellence. I am renowned for creating experiences rich in details, whilst offering vibrant local colors and the Mediterranean flavors of the Italian Riviera.


As a professional specializing in experiential touring programs, a few years ago I created MED FOOD LAB. Med Food Lab is a network of professionals pooling together their rich experience and long CVs in food and wine tourism. We are passionate and motivated, and we share the same goals. Our aim is to reliably develop attractions for travelers and to make them feel at home delivering authentic Food & Wine tours that are reflective of the local territory and of our traditions. Every experience we offer is different, because we follow the seasons and the course of Nature. During the harvest period we can visit vineyards and we enjoy an unforgettable experience in the “cantina” with local winegrowers, tasting local wines and pairing them with local specialties. When Taggiasca olives are ripe we can enjoy a unique, authentic Ligurian experience … We can visit the olive groves in the valleys and press olives at the oil mills with local olive growers. This is the best way to discover the local “green gold”, the extra virgin olive oil DOP Riviera Ligure – Riviera dei Fiori, and the Taggiasca olive, the queen among olives.  “You have to taste a culture to understand it” (Debora Cater). Ligurian culture and food are probably two of Italy’s best kept secrets: unusual, attractive, and mysterious. First time visitors will enjoy an unexpected experience and will want to try it again. The more seasoned visitors usually develop a recurring nostalgia for this ancient and relatively unknown land. Wanting more is the inevitable outcome!


Everywhere in the world they say “in Italy one eats well”. Many are aware of Italian Food Culture and of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Here we have all of this: we eat Italian, but with a Mediterranean style. This means simplicity, authenticity, freshness, imagination, exchanges in food cultures and variety. Variety means that there is no single prevailing ingredient: fish or meat, particularly white meats, vegetables and fruit, cereals and pasta, legumes and more, tied together by the universal symbols: extra virgin olive oil and wine. When you get here, you’ll learn, have fun, and after attending our courses you’ll have acquired something, which no one can ever take from you: how to prepare scrumptious dishes, naturally, but you will also know how to experience life with the sun at your table.


Planning a dream wedding in a cosy village or on a sunny beach on the Italian Riviera, a milestone birthday celebration, a romantic honeymoon or any other special occasion? We can create a magical event that will last a lifetime in your memories! Because each event is unique, our selection of event venues is anything but ordinary. From a historic villa to a unique Mediterranean garden overlooking the sea, from a charming vineyard to a cosy, family-run oil mill in the valley – or even an elegant private yacht – we can find the perfect setting for your event. Working with our creative, dynamic partners and local suppliers, we can organise customized events for you, to match your specific requirements. The Riviera of the Flowers will welcome you with the best climate of Italy all year round, wonderful flowers, the traditional Mediterranean flavors, and good local wines produced in family run wineries. You will enjoy the pleasure of living a full immersion in the Ligurian Lifestyle – La Dolce Vita. Come and join us!


The Mediterranean Sea, and Liguria – the Italian Riviera. That is a model of complete communication between the sky, the land and the sea. Liguria has some of the most stunning coastline in the Mediterranean; it includes the Cinque Terre, one of Italy’s top tourist attractions. Dramatic cliffs plunge into a deep blue sea.

Liguria identifies with the sea by necessity, and life between the land and the sea becomes a symbiosis, a life shared. We overlook the sea and the sea is our life.

This is the catering philosophy on board: local produce ranging from vegetable gardens along the coast to fish caught on the day. There is nothing more rewarding for the food lover, while enjoying the sea experience.


As a Licensed Tourist Guide and Certified Meeting Professional, supported by my dedicated team of professionals, I create and manage authentic, motivational and creative programs, aiming to give guests exclusive experiences within the Italian Riviera and the surrounding areas. Our deep knowledge of the destination and our key contacts all over the territory offer you the perfect solution for all your needs: from the selection of the best location for your event to the best services, from unforgettable guided tours led by licensed and experienced guides to Food & Wine tours, from a challenging sailing experience to a bicycle tour, from a traditional Italian cooking class to a floral design demonstration or a cocktail creation experience. With my professional partners, I provide the highest-quality services to my clients. My secret? A highly skilled team, a deep knowledge of the territory, flexibility, organization and passion


There is a stage when the greyness of the city becomes intolerable – not only the colours are dull, so are the smells and tastes… a break is needed to regain spent energy – clear light, bright colours, heady frangrances, unadulterated flavours! A precious reserve of energy is what the uncontaminated Nature of the Italian Riviera offers its visitors.

One of the main reasons we’re willing to deal with the challenges of creating new experiences for kids is our easy access to enriching outdoor fun, artistic workshops, cultural activities, and  deep immersion in Nature.

The Italian Riviera offers a range of bucolic parks, enchanting Medieval villages in the valleys, sandy beaches, and a crystalline blue sea where kids can get busy enjoying unforgettable outdoor experiences, and discovering art and taste in a quiet and healthy natural setting.

We organize highly educational family programs to choose from:

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