All the wonders of life are already here. They’re calling you. If you can listen to them, you will be able to stop running. What you need, what we all need, is silence.

(Thích Nhất Hạnh, Silence: The Power of Quiet in a World Full of Noise).


Silence is not a way to turn our backs to the world, but to observe it and understand it, because silence is not a disturbing emptiness, it is the listening of our inner voices.

Our region offers many spaces for practicing yoga and meditation in close contact with Nature.

Beautiful beaches, olive groves, Mediterranean gardens full flowers, and hidden vineyards where you can discover the natural taste of local traditions.

You will be accompanied by a teacher of yoga and meditation. Classes are for all levels of experience.


An oasis where man has been meeting nature, and using it respectfully for thousands of years, while maintaining a balance between nature and human settlement.

For example, they have created terraced hills, a mammoth undertaking, now recognized as a valid defence from hydro-geological instability.

We will walk along some “carrugi”, the characteristic lanes of Ligurian villages, and, from there we will go further up hill on country lanes, which showcase unforgettable sea views. But we are not just talking about one olive grove; an olive grove is actually a world onto itself, with tales, people, hard work and soliloquies.  There is something more here: this area boasts blossoms in the fields, and among them, the rare native orchids are found. We will witness a phenomenon, which is unique to Western Liguria.

Protection from climate variations has created the conditions for an exceptional biodiversity. In this corner of Liguria, with its characteristic landscape, dotted with olive trees, and “dry-stone walls” (built with just stones and mud) there lays a site of naturalistic interest, certified at European level. That is where protected vegetable and animal life finds its equilibrium, and it is there that you can find your harmony and balance too.

MEDITERRANEAN BEAUTY An experiential tour through culture, Nature, and beauty. The secrets of the Mediterranean beauty at your fingertips.

You are on the shores of the Mediterranean, you are in a place where civilization has progressed a lot over time, but exceptional characters have been preserved, first of all a largely uncontaminated natural dimension. It is the kingdom of biodiversity: it must be sought, but it is easy to find. Just think that there are plants and flowers that only grow here or that the climatic conditions are such that arctic plants are found side by side with tropical flowers. The first in the shade, the second in the sun. It is an environment that must be known, with the appropriate guides, because it makes us beautiful inside, beautiful in knowing and enriches us. A beautiful territory makes ourselves beautiful. We will accompany you on this path. There are places, such as the Hanbury Botanical Gardens, and more, where you will discover all the continents with a single visit. There will certainly be something that you have already seen in your country, but the great thing is to see it in an incomparable whole. Everywhere, then, you can find olive trees. A forest of olive trees. The olive tree is a gift for man, sacred for the whole Mediterranean world. Olive oil is good in any case and in every field and is the natural basis for cosmetics as well. The best possible cosmetics, not only a source of beauty, but also of a healthy life. With skilled and expert guidance, you can create your ideal products, using only local olive oil and herbs and flowers from the nature that surrounds you. After all, you will have heard the perfumes, pure and full of charm. It’s time to discover the secrets of Mediterranean beauty…


Experience highlights:

  • Duration: about 4 hours;
  • Guided tour of the Hanbury Botanical Gardens – with licensed Tourist Guide (including entrance tickets);
  • Hanbury Botanical Gardens entrance tickets;
  • Extra virgin olive oil tasting;
  • “Wellness & organic skincare workshop” experience.


Experience silence and meditation in a typical Ligurian vineyard, where vines breath the breeze arriving from the Mediterranean Sea…. You’ll breathe a sense of freedom and enjoy silence and peace of mind.

Enjoy Nature and taste local wines amidst the row of vines, with a typical picnic setting.

What better way to end your yoga class with an unforgettable Italian aperitivo?


We love incorporating the ocean, sand and sun into our classes. Start your day with an uplifting early-morning yoga class on the beach. Join an experienced instructor and practice yoga on the beach with the ocean as your soundtrack and the beautiful views as a backdrop. Feel relaxed and rejuvenated as you stretch your muscles and breathe the fresh air.


An unforgettable yoga experience in the Ligurian countryside, amidst ancient olive trees. Like the roots of the olive trees, anchored to the earth and reaching for the sky, we will practice silence to find our own time, our well-being, and inner harmony.

Then relax and taste extra virgin olive oil and the local Taggiasca olives. This is authentic, natural wellness in the Ligurian way!

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